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LaToya was born and raised in North Carolina, where she currently resides. In 2018, LaToya was diagnosed with HIV. Since then, she has become staunch HIV advocate. One of her initiatives entitled, “Toya’s Quiet Storm”, brings awareness to HIV prevention, fight stigma, and answers lingering questions for friends, advocates, family members, and most importantly, people living with HIV. In telling her story, she hopes to encourage others to cope with their diagnosis. She is an Amazon best-selling author of Fighting the Good Fight Surviving HIV, Reflections of A Praying Heart and Moments of Reflections. In addition, she has published six other books: A Journey Through God’s Promises, Forever Changes, Creative Medical Bag Anika’s Story, Poetic Expressions, and A Praying Heart: Learning How to Pray Your Way Through. In telling her story, she hopes to encourage others to continue to fight.

When LaToya is not working to bring awareness to HIV and other chronic diseases, she enjoys spending time with family and working with the youth in her church. She is not just a survivor, but has thrived through the process of her HIV diagnosis. She is an advocate and a support system for those who feel discouraged on the battle. Her mission is to educate, inspire, and be a reminder that they are not alone. LaToya is a member of the Positive Women’s Network USA and is an HIV and Faith Ambassador.

Standing in My Truth

The Power of Purpose & Advocacy w/Latoya Murchison

HIV Doesn't Define Me. I Define It.

Toya's Quiet Storm

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Author| Faith and HIV Ambassador

Fighting The Good Fight

In sharing her story, the author wants you to know that HIV is not a death sentence. There is life after your diagnosis. She talks about her faith and how it carries her through the day. After her diagnosis, the author rededicated her life back to Christ. She’s also sharing about love before and after HIV; and what she prays to God to send her.

Latoya Murchison attended 13th Annual 20/20
Leading Women’s Society Awards Gala