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 Prayer  is an open line of communication between you and God. Prayer is your  chance to humble yourself before him and speak freely from your heart. A  Praying Heart will take you on a journey where you will learn what God  says about prayer as well as strengthen your prayer life.


 Poetic  Expressions is a book of poetry that contain words of love, hope, and  inspiration. Author LaToya Murchison used her love of writing poetry as  her source of therapy and healing. She takes you on a journey of renewed  spirituality, the pain of lost loved ones and the joy of finding true  love.


Depression,  healing, and forgiveness played a huge role in Anika Sims life. At  first glance, you would think Anika has her life together. .  Anika's Story: will show you the importance of making peace with your  past and forgiving those that have hurt you.


 The  author wants to express that life is filled with trials and  tribulations. As you travel through this journey called life it’s  important not to allow your pain to overtake your life. Lay your burdens  at God’s feet and receive your peace. The author would like you to  learn and grow as you read Moments of Reflections. You will find comfort  knowing that in your stillness it allows you to hear God as he speaks  to your heart.​


 Have  you ever felt like the walls are closing in on you and not sure what to  do? Are you consumed by the current storm in your life? Reflections of a  Praying Heart is filled with some of the author's personal prayers and  some topics on how to stay ground no matter what is happening around  you. The author reminds us that our storms are just a part of our  growing testimonies.


 We  all need to be informed of our health; but often when we have an ache,  pain, or other symptoms we forget to document them. The key to quality  health is keeping your doctor informed of any issues that arise.  In the event of an  emergency, it gives quick access to your medical history. This journal  will assist loved ones in guiding the doctors in the right direction to  care for you.